Frank has made many real life appearances over time. He was first detected in Boston, MA around 2012, but has since made his way out to Salt Lake City, UT and many other places in American’s Mountain West as of recently. In the early days it seemed as if him and one of his shiftables, DAve Crespo, were heavy enemies. That may have been resolved in recent times. It’s hard to say. Frank is very omniscient and also secretive…

The story goes like this… In 2012, a fox masked person, supposedly was going around to bars and rock clubs in Boston and the surrounding area sprinkling glitter on certain musicians during their set. The glitter bombing became known as “pearl,” dusting. It’s mysterious reoccurance lead to questions throughout the Boston music scene.

Then in the summer of ’12, a box showed up at the news desk of Boston’s Weekly Dig. Inside the box was the mask. A cryptic message was inside warning the city of Boston, but mostly explaining what Frank was up to, which was pearl dusting the pearls of the music scene. The letter also proclaimed that he was not a wolf. The article was published and intrigue rose.

At the end of July of the same summer, DAve Crespo was set to release a new EP entitled, “m2yi; Music To Your Internet.” A week before the CD Release show the master recordings were stolen. A video was released days later by Frank ransoming the recordings to DAve Crespo. At the release show, there were no CDs… well, until Frank Fox arrived in the middle of the set. What occured is in the video below…

And so, DAve Crespo is believed to be Frank Fox, however, there have been some discrepancies on the subject with DAve being in completely different locations from where Frank was seen many times.

The truth of the matter, and you will understand more when reading the book, Frank is a shapeshifting fox. He could be anyone…

Since 2012, Frank has been played the songs of “Two Tails,” on a few different occasions. The first time that the songs were played live was at a DAve Crespo’s After Party Halloween show at The Hard Rock Cafe. The band played 3 Madonna songs, but then there was an interference. DAve Crespo was removed from stage and in moments Frank Fox had replaced him. The full 5 songs of “Two Tails,” were then played.

Later that year, Frank was seen playing the same songs at The Rosebud, a quaint diner. The late December 2012 night however ended with Frank bowling over members of the crowd on his get away exit at the end of the night. His hatred within the city grew.

In 2013, Frank was seen playing at The Davis Square Theater backed by The Flo, again playing all 5 songs of “Two Tails.” The Flo included Pink Talking Fish Drummer, Zack Burwick. This was truly the most jammy version of the songs.

Frank was seen again at TT the Bear’s Place in late March 2013, but then went missing for quite a while. It wasn’t until 2017 that he resurfaced fronting the band, Spo for their Midway Cafe Halloween show in Jamaica Plain.

The four year interim lead to another break in action… Where did he go? What was he doing throughout all this time.

Then in 2018, Frank returned, but this time with a new mask, a new city and a new band. His first resurfacing occured at The Velour Battle of the Bands in Provo, Utah when Spirit Machines played a moving set. Led by Pepper Rose, the band was surprised by the appearance of, what was to them, a random fox. However, Frank was really not that random… Many of the Spirit Machines songs were loosely based on Frank and his interim travels.

Frank made some notable appearances in Spirit Machines’ mashup, “Zober,” which was shared by Grammy Award winners, Tool. He can also be seen with yet another new mask in Spirit Machines music video for “Catch 22.” Now, every so often, you’ll catch Frank at Spirit Machines shows

Over the years, the mask has evolved. At first it was very Michael Myers-esk, and quite frankly, very creepy. The mask that appeared first in Utah is a gorgeous fury mask. Since then a leathery mask, with actual fox teeth appeared. Frank is a shapeshifter, so his likeness can change at any moment.