The group of songs, which together are called, “Two Tails,” were written in November 2011. Originally there were 5 songs, but since two have been shaved off to tell the story of Frank and DAve’s entanglement via their magical guitar. The original recordings of the songs are quite rough and a part of a podcast that Crespo did at the time where he would write a song a week. After 5 weeks, an EP worth of songs were made. You can hear those songs at the bottom of this page —> Spo’s Soundcloud.

The original songs don’t speak of Nowhere Land. That part of the tale came to life years later in 2015 when Crespo’s then band, Spo was trying to write a rock opera. Although unsuccessful for the most part, a few songs were created that felt the feels of Nowhere Land. These were more truly realized, at least in their concept, by Beneath The Sparrows with songs like, “Damone,” “The Beast,” “Nowhere Land,” and more.

“Two Tails,” now consists of 3 songs. The first is, “Axe Hunting,” a song about DAve’s guitar being stolen from him. The second is, “Follow It Down,” which advances the story of Crespo looking for his guitar. In the end though, he finds himself in Frank’s fox borrow only to find something that is so much more sacred to Frank; his pearl. The story concludes in the third song, “Head On,” which talks about the two meeting up to make a trade; the guitar for the pearl. This is when the two truly become entangled.

The songs were engineered by Crespo at WEMF Radio in August 2017. On that day, Sam Damask was in from his home of Dallas, TX and brought in young phenom, Jan Schwartz to play guitar in the session. Crespo’s regular drummer at the time, Thai drummer, Pat Rutchaplee played performed on these tracks. In the 5 or so hours session the quartet learned these songs and performed them live in the takes that are part of the EP known as “Two Tails.”

All the aforementioned music is in the future to be a part of a rock opera. The songs have been performed various times in the past by Frank accompanied various different line ups. Each time that the songs are played they are completely different depending on the musicians playing them. The recordings that make up the “Two Tails EP,” are really just one version of these songs.