In the first release read about a piece of this larger tale. It is an appetizer into the full world of Nowhere Land, a cross dimension of ours where resonance and time move at an altered rate. Nowhere Land is a lone mountain peaking out of the sea.

On this mountain is a tribe, The Zuru, who have been living there for thousands of years defending themselves from the mighty Mozoyo; giant pandas. It is their chant/singing based, resonation religion that has kept the Mozoyo from entering their peak of the mountain. That was until their newly, self appointed chief made an instrument that would exponentially defend against the Mozoyo. The creation of the instrument, the reason for it’s conception and how it happened are the backstory for the first story that is now available, “The Stolen Guitar,” but is only alluded to.

This story, in Part 1, speaks to one’s inner doubt … everyone doubts themselves; it’s human nature. This story is one of accepting yourself, even the parts that you don’t like; your inner enemy. Through the eyes of a boy, who just has met a foe in Frank, we see the two have an experience together that alters them and maybe even brings them together. But, does it make them better? In Part 2 we see…

Many other future characters and story lines are alluded to in the two part series, “Frank Fox and the Two Tails of Nowhere Land.” There is reference to a space ship in the sky of Nowhere Land and a phone call from a Queen. All of these characters will find their way into if not these two tales, then others to come. The most common mention throughout Part 1 is Cado… who is Cado? That answer comes in Part 2… soon enough.

In the animated video, which was animated by the amazing Sofia Diaz, you see an older DAve Crespo dealing with Frank… this video is actually part of and foreshadowing Part 2. In the next part of the story, Frank returns later in his life. He proves to be an enemy that found a home inside him for years, but then seeks his escape, but then Cado arrives as well.

As mentioned before this is a story about enemies and their nature in our lives. The book in it’s quick preface asks you to think about this concept. What is an enemy to you? Who? Why?

If you dig into the audio book, you will find that it’s really more than an audiobook. It feels like a radio play with sound effects, dramatic music & different voices playing different characters. It’s format is based off of the book; you’ll see.

And, then there is the music, which is where this all started. In 2011, DAve was doing a podcast that he wrote a new song each week. Sometimes it would be with a writing partner, but in this case in November 2011, he wrote 5 songs that told the story of “Two Tails,” or at least started to. Each week the songs were accompanied by a comic done by then drummer of DAve’s band, Alex Steven Martin. Now-a-days Martin animated in Los Angeles and his work can be seen on HBO Max on “10 Year Old Tom.”

In 2017, 3 of the songs were revisited by a killer band including, Sam Damask aka Grand Commander, Thai drummer, Pat Rutchaplee and a 17 year old guitarist, Jan Schwartz. The band got together on a humid August afternoon and at the old WEMF Studios in Brighton, MA, they hashed out these live takes of the 3 songs that is “Two Tails,” that you can hear.

Sam Damask, has been tearing up the internet as Grand Commander, a quirky, groove based song writer who also has dabbled in animation himself with his video for “Bad Rabbit.” Jan Schwartz, which since has grown past being under the legal age, mixed and mastered the 3 songs of “Two Tails,” at Crystal Lab Studios. Pat Rutchaplee, since then came out to Utah to play more with DAve, but since has returned to Thailand. We anticipate his return.

That is the tale of the tale for now…