Comic Book of “Two Tails”



This product is a little comic book, which includes the 5 comic series of “Two Tails.”

It was 2011. DAve Crespo had a thing called, “The Fancast.” It was a podcast that he’d release every Friday after noon that included a new song in it. So, he would write a song a week. In November of that year he embarked a project to write 5 songs, 1 each week that told a cohesive story. The story just came; it was like a soap opera written to add to the story each week. This project became known as, “Two Tails.”

The drummer of Crespo’s band at the time was a really outstanding illustrator. His name was Alex Steven Martin. So, each week, Alex would come up with a comic to come with the Fancast that Crespo would come out with. During the 5 weeks that “Two Tails,” was made Martin came out with a comic that told the story of the correlating song for that week. Once all the songs were written, so was this comic.

The vibe in this comic was very much what inspired Sofia Diaz in her animation for “Axe Hunting.” It has a very film noir tone, which is underlined by it being in black and white. In the comic, Frank was originally called, Floyd. Once he started to surface in the real after this comic was made he took on his nickname, Frank.

The final frame is a little unclear as to what really happens. The book’s ending helps to give you a perspective of what truly happened although, this comic is set in the future from when the book’s story occurs. The happenings in this comic, although are very similar to the book will be referenced in “Frank Fox & The Two Tales of Nowhere Land: Part 2.”

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