Here is the Two Tails EP on cassette tape…



Here is the cassette tape version of the 3 song EP, “Two Tails.” These songs tell the story, well in part, of Part 1: The Stolen Guitar… The songs are originally based on the comic that Alex Steven Martin did back in 2011.

  1. Axe Hunting
  2. Follow It Down
  3. Head On

Recorded by at the old WEMF Studios in Brighton, MA in 2017, with musicians, Pat Rutchaplee on drums, Sam Damask on bass & Jan Schwartz on lead guitar. Mixed and mastered by Jan Schwartz at Crystal Lab Studios.

In 2011, DAve Crespo was creating a podcast where he would write a song a week. In an exploration in November 2011, he wrote 5 songs in row about the story of Frank Fox and his guitar. You can listen to three of them in this EP. The songs were eventually played a year later-ish on Halloween at The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, but was promoted as a Madonna cover set. That is not what occurred.

The songs were played again in the next spring with the backing band, The Flo, which included now Pink Talking Fish drummer, Zack Burwick. This show occurred at The Davis Square Theatre in Somerville, MA. The songs were once again played live at The Rosebud, where Frank caused a commotion in bowling over a woman in his famous end of show exit. His hatred grew within the scene…

After this the songs were never played live again until the members that recorded this EP joined together in 2017 to make this EP that you are about to buy.


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